• Six Steps to Activate Your Millionaire Brain

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    Millionaire Brain Yoga is yoga for the universal brain.

    Founder Brandi Veil has tested and proven the manifestation formula between neuroscience, yogi philosophy, and personal development to activate the millionaire's brain to develop a balance of joy, harmony and wealth.


    "The sounds and vibrations stay in your resonant field working for you."


    Brandi Veil


    Brandi's Millionaire Brain Yoga and personal development coaching have opened up everything in my life. I became more confident, understanding, focused, patient and motivated. Thank you for your mindful business strategy and guiding me through all aspects including mind, body, and spirit. I have found my purpose and have successfully launched Rich Recovery nutritional supplement around the globe with Brandi as my coach.

    Thank you, Brandi!


    CEO, Founder Rich Recovery, Richie Petruziello

    "After our work together, my broadcast skyrocketed! I did the steps you taught in Millionaire Brain Yoga, visualized better talent on my show and the next day I booked a show with Academy Award winner Lou Gossett Jr.! Thank you for helping me believe in myself." 


    Tony Baldi, Hollywood Radio Personality at Celebrity Reels

    "Thank you so much for your blessing & insight into my life at your event Millionaire Brain Yoga, your intuitive reading was a confirmation both makes me smile & wistful at how I live my life.

    Charlene T. Producer and Founder of Love is Everything

    "I am so appreciative of you and all the support you have offered in your sessions. I could have not done it without your coaching and encouragement. You are such an amazing blessing, thank you from the bottom of my heart."


    Snohomish Brown, LAc, CMT at American Institute of Mental Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    "Brandi your program has helped me change my living circumstances and has given me the confidence to changed my life. I owe it all to you."


    Kaila Truths, Political Advocate on the Truth Show

    "I have been meditating for years and for the first time, I was able to drop right in and begin, Thank you, Brandi.”


    Mark Leisure, CEO or the Vortex Dome and host on the Life Changes Show

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