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MBY 1.0: Wealth Visioning and Brain Activation

From the comfort of your home or office you can attend MBY 1.0: Wealth Visioning and Brain Activations Webinar. This event is the first phase to getting closer to your vision for your life. Your wealth vision deserves an emotional strategy to accelerate your requests.

A simple vision statement can unite your core values with your daily routine, including some basic principles for those around you. Having a written, objective set of standards significantly contributes to you and your family’s peace, harmony, and security.

We will discuss topics like:

  • Understanding what true wealth
  • How to define your wealth vision
  • Demystifying conventional wealth practice and advice
  • Setting your priorities
  • Balance the fears around money, family, and future
  • How to focus on your priorities, while eliminating things that aren’t important to you?  


  • Wealth Vision Presentation 
  • Visioning Worksheet
  • 15 minute of Mindset Coaching
  • 20 Minute Brain Activation, Visioning and Wealth Mantra

During the event, you will receive MBY 1.0: Worksheet for Wealth Visioning.

Next, you will plan your 15-minute clarity session with the Founder of Millionaire Brain Yoga, executive mindset coach, and NLP practitioner Brandi M. Veil to review your vision statement one-on-one.


One step at a time, towards the life you have always dreamed of starts here. When you practice visioning, wealth mantras, with brain activations you will kick start your wealth process. In order, to stay on point and focused on your vision we suggest working with one of our practitioners to help guide you towards your goals.



  • MBY: 1.2 Understanding your mission and vision statements 
  • MBY: 1.3 Living in your purpose
  • MBY: 1.4 Steps to overcoming your fears and self-sabotage
  • MBY: 1.5 How to use your resources, both financial and physical
  • MBY: 1.6 Noticing opportunity when it's in front of you and what to do with it

Blessed is the person who gives advice; one thousand times more blessed is the person who takes the advice and uses it. —middle east proverb

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Sign-up for the six-week program and receive $100 off today with the purchase of the online webinar MBY 1.0. If you are interested email

Total Price: $999

Webinar Price: $299

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