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World Meditation Day, May 21, 2020 #MAYDAY

"Be the change you wish to see in the world". - Gandhi

If you change your vibration, you change your perception of reality and therefore you will see it manifest in the physical world. Today, we’re observing that out of the "chaos", something is emerging, a new vibration, a new energy. People are forced to look inside instead of outside. LOVE is overtaking FEAR.

We are calling forward over a billion people to unite with the world’s leading spiritual teachers and artists of our time. Join us for #WorldMeditationDay to shift the global energy from fear to love Sion Earth
WATCH ON FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/MAYDAY20
MORE INFO: sionearth.com

Science has shown that when people come together to meditate and pray electromagnetic fields shift, violence reduces, healing occurs, and peace prevails

WATCH ON FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/MAYDAY20
MORE INFO: sionearth.com

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Tony Robbins
Russell Brand
Mike Tyson
Deepak Chopra
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji - Muniji
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati
Brother Chidananda - President of Self-Realization Fellowship

Brandi Veil
Marianne Williamson
Gabrielle Bernstein
Lisa Nichols
Martin Luther King III
Andrea Waters King
Yolanda Renee King
Princess Märtha Louise of Norway
Shaman Durek
Danielle Laporte
Joseph Michael Levry
Patch from Spirit Science
Dr. Sue Morter
Samuel J
Taita Juanito Medicine Man Inca Sinai
Dr. Todd - Gematria
Dr. James V. Hardt - Biocybernaut Institute


This new paradigm that’s emerging can be referred to as the "New Earth." The intentions for this guided meditation are to :

  • Embrace the energies of the New Earth in our hearts. Be love, be peace in your heart and it’ll manifest in the reality that you experience. 
  • Connect to everybody with the same intention as ours, whether they do this meditation live or later, whether this is another meditation style etc. We’ll connect to people with the same intention which is to raise the frequency of the Collective. 

The intention of millions of people connected together will amplify our own individual intention and speed up the shift into the new paradigm. Remember that our spirit exists beyond space and time. At a quantum level, there’s only one Eternal Present. Past, present and future co-exist at the same time. If our intention is to connect with people with the same intention, same vibration as ours, we’ll instantaneously be connected altogether, whether you do this meditation live or later.

One Planet, One Human Race, One Love

#WorldMeditationDay #MayDay #MillionaireBrainYoga

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