• Meet the Founder Brandi Veil

    "Brandi is a force to be reckoned with." Author of Guerrilla Parenting, David Fagan

    "Brandi is the Joan of Arc of our Time." Producer & Oscar Winner, Cary Granat

    Brandi Veil

    Founder, Host

    Brandi Veil is a CEO Mentor, impact business strategist, and personal development coach focused on helping ACTIVATE your brain, and open your heart to unlimited possibilities. Her work is based on neuroscience, mindset, human energetics "energy," self-awareness, and yogic philosophy to help ease the limiting beliefs aka "poverty brain" to live an abundant life.


    An altruistic, seer of the future and humanitarian, Brandi Veil is a CEO and founder of Being Investments, a global advisory board helping entrepreneurs with holistic business ventures. She is an advisor and strategist using spirituality, humanity, and technology to help evolve our world for the greater good. Her board collaborates with more than 10 countries engaged in EDU Blockchain Technology has developed partnerships with United Nation's groups for social global goals, including Millennial Blockchain projects.


    She is a published author featured in Reinhabiting the Village, an intuitive consultant with over ten years in healing and life coaching private practice helping entrepreneurs live a balanced life. Brandi is a lover of spirituality, technology and science trained in several modalities, traditional and untraditional education in Human Design, Metaphysical and Matrix Energetics, Reiki, NLP Integrative Therapy and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy.


    She has spoken at the United Nations as a leader in community development and sustainable planning for environment and health and TEDx on "How to Activate the Midbrain Using Sounds."


    She is here to serve those who are here to help evolve our planet for the greater good.


    Official Website brandiveil.com


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