Conscious Creation

    STEP 1:

    Mindset Transformation

    How to shift your mind to attract anything you want.


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    STEP 2:

    Wealth Building Mindset

    Change your beliefs, change your life.



    Millionaire Brain Yoga helps shift your perception of the world around you while teaching you the steps to be in the present to create the future.



    Our techniques quickly provide benefits that will allow you to prosper in today’s evolving world.

    * De-Stress ideas about the Future
    * Manifest Your Desires

    * Learn Easy Steps for a Healthy Work-Life Balance
    * Enhance and Attract Personal Relationships
    * Boost Self-Awareness

    * Boost Confidence
    * Reduce Anxiety
    * Improve Health & Well-Being

      STEP 3:

      6 Steps to Activate Your Millionaire Brain

      Our practice involves sound waves, frequencies and vibrational tones that help the brain realign with your heart, helping you manifest your visions faster and mindfully.

      • Learn the 6 steps to activate your millionaire's brain. 
      • Locate the portion of the brain that accelerates the manifestation time.
      • Learn the steps of great philosophers, yogis, and scientist who used the principles and basic fundamentals. 
      • How to use goal setting brain technology.
      • Learn to let go of what is not serving you.


      Mantras the Balance

      "Millionaire Brain Yoga is not your average event, something magical happens. It's hard to explain, unless you attend and experience it first hand." says attendee Joanna Ruiz

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